April 23, 2020

The ACE team treats you to an insight on our new Treatment Masks 

As we’re all staying in for the foreseeable future, it’s time to add ‘at-home beauty therapy’ to our ever growing list of newly developed #ISO skills.

This is the maskevery ACE girl has been finding themselves reaching for, so we thought, why not share with you our fave way to treat ourselves and why! 


Aceology Firming Treatment Mask 

Tested by: Aby

What do you find ‘apeeling’ about the Firming Treatment Mask?

The thing that made me want to try the mask is that it's an actual peel, it exfoliates your skin which is unlike a lot of other face masks.

Masking over Zoom, yay or nay?

10000% yay! If you catch me on zoom I will have some form of mask on.

Any Ace tips for application + getting your selfie just right for the ‘gram?

Apply 2 layers of the mask for the colour to really pop, and stand in direct light... "Golden hour" is the perfect time for a selfie with this mask on!

Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask

Tested by: Eden

What changes have you noticed in your skin since using the Lifting Treatment Mask?

I’m noticing the tiny lines near my eyes are noticeably smaller. Also! My skin has never been so smooth - I have tried most of my adult life to get this kind of skin texture.it’s honestly a miracle product!

What other Ace products would you recommend to complement this treatment?

My usual weekly routine is gold treatment mask followed by a gold or detox modeling mask (depending on how my skin is feeling). It’s a bit of a time commitment but oh so worth it!

What are the hero ingredients in this mask that help reverse the signs of ageing?

Peptides are my all-time! And this mask is packed with them! Peptides essentially trick your skin into producing more collagen thus giving your skin and instant lift and boost in elasticity. 

 Aceology Detoxifying Treatment Mask 

Tested by: Kate

How did your skin feel before + after trialling the Detoxifying Treatment Mask?  

I was actually having a bad time with my skin before I tried the Detoxifying Treatment Mask, with a few stubborn breakouts especially around my cheeks. I honestly couldn’t believe how much better my skin felt and looked afterwards! It was so much clearer, smoother and looked incredible, and all my friends commented on how good my skin looked on facetime.

Who should use this treatment? 

Anyone who has ever had a bad skin day and is looking for an instant pick me up!

What’s the deal with Charcoal, does it really work wonders on congested skin? 

Charcoal is a magical ingredient known to detoxify and purify skin, and if I didn’t already know about all the science behind it I’d swear it was witch craft. It really does work!!

Aceology Brightening Treatment Mask

Tested by: Joanne

Why did you choose to trial the Brightening Treatment Mask?

I have some uneven pigmentation, and liked the idea of a brightening treatment if it was going to help even my skin out.

How does this treatment fit into your exisiting routine?

I have added the Treatment Mask into my Sunday routine when I start with the Gua Sha, then apply treatment mask, and then finish with the Green T Infusion Gel for hydration!

When and where do you like to enjoy a masking moment at home?

In my bath! Because you leave it on for 30 minutes, it's the perfect excuse to hop into a bath with a glass of red!

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