September 28, 2020

Orange you glad about Vitamin C?

In the year of the ‘rona, Vitamin C has proved to be more valuable than gold. We’ve been taking it religiously throughout 2020 and thankfully skipped our yearly foray into runny-nose-ville.... We’re talking about seriously powerfully stuff! 

Not only is Vitamin C great for staying healthy but this powerhouse ingredient is the most abundant antioxidant in our skin. But whilst most other animals are able to produce it naturally -show offs! - we sadly aren’t able to do so.

So we need to get our Vitamin C hit in other ways.

So, how can Vitamin C improve your skin?

Adding a bit of ‘C to your skincare regimen is a 12/10 great idea. When used topically:

  • It fights the good fight against free radicals and UV damage
  • It helps kick your collagen production into overdrive
  • It can even out skin tone and add glow
  • It helps calm down inflammation & redness

Vitamin C can be found in our Brightening Treatment Mask...


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