October 28, 2021

There’s no denying that congested skin is a real bummer. It feels oily, appears dull, and often fuels textural issues like clogged pores, blemishes, and unevenness. Thankfully, there’s a skincare ingredient that can clarify your complexion with its powerful purifying abilities.

 What is charcoal?

 Imagine a glamping trip with the girls, complete with roasting marshmallows over a campfire. However you like your marshmallows – slow-roasted or quickly cooked – the delicious caramelized burnt bits are usually the best part. But under the crackling fire is an equally great by-product: charcoal.

 Charcoal is what’s left after burning materials like wood. As these materials burn, the water and oxygen in them are removed and it turns into a lightweight, black carbon residue.

 Similar but slightly different, activated charcoal is produced using carbon-rich materials, like wood, bamboo, coal, or coconut shells, and burnt at a high temperature with oxygen (and usually other substances to make it more porous).

 How does charcoal work in skincare?

 Charcoal is a very sponge-like and porous material, which is praised for its detoxifying abilities. In particular, activated charcoal is used in medicine to treat certain kinds of poisonings. It works by adhering toxins to the surface of the charcoal: this is called adsorption (and is different from absorption, which is more about liquids).

 You might have heard charcoal in skincare being referred to as a ‘magnet’. That’s because it can attract and lift impurities from your pores like magic. It pulls oil, sebum, and debris from your skin’s surface, resulting in unclogged pores and a clarified complexion.

 Because of this, charcoal is a superstar in products for congested, oily, and acne-prone skin types. In fact, you’ll find it in our top-selling Detoxifying Treatment Mask!

 What are the skincare benefits of charcoal?

 Using charcoal in your skincare routine deep cleans your pores, so by removing excess oil and debris, you can minimize congestion-related breakouts and flaunt a more balanced complexion. You’ll also find your skin appears smoother and nearly poreless, thanks to charcoal’s purifying effect.

 The Aceology Detoxifying Treatment Mask uses this hero ingredient to decongest your skin and unclog your pores, while delivering an antioxidant boost and gentle exfoliation to give your complexion a gorgeous glow.




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