January 11, 2021

icture this: you’ve started a promising, new skincare regimen only to wake up with a bit of a pizza face situation.

Sound familiar? Well, don’t hit the panic button just yet because this could just be a sign of your skin purging. 

Our skin can’t just roll with it when it comes to change. So, when you throw an unfamiliar active ingredient into the mix, an adjustment period should be expected. Your face can than judge whether it wants this fancyschmancynew product to stick around for the long haul or whether it should be booted from your bathroom vanity for good.


Skin Purge vs Break Out

A skin purge is a reaction to an active ingredient that causes your skin cell turnover to speed up bringing congestion to the surface to be cleared away. Whilst a break-out could also be triggered by other things such as diet, hormones, or environmental stressors. 

How to Spot the Difference?

If you are noticing blemishes in areas where you tend to break out normally, then it could be part of a skin purge. However, if you break out in areas that are usually crystal clear than you could be experiencing an allergic reaction to a product. In addition, if it’s a skin purge your spots should go away within a few days as your cell turnover is in overdrive. Whereas breakouts can last eight to ten days.

How to Deal with a Skin Purge?

All you need is a little patience! Blemishes are always unwelcome but just remember that a skin purge is actually a good thing. The process, which could last one skin cycle, or about 28 days, involves clearing out your pores to make way for glowing, younger looking skin. Avoid the temptation to pick your pimples during this time and try to go make-up free when possible to give your skin the space to breathe. Essentially, you’ll have to deal with your skin chucking a couple of temper tantrums in the short term to enjoy the long term results.

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