March 22, 2019

Oily, dry, breakout-prone, sensitive, mature… every face has a unique set of needs. And as a result, skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation.

To cater to the needs of savvy consumers, there is a face mask out there for every skin concern. The catch? With so many options to choose from, navigating through online stores and cosmetics aisles can sometimes feel like a battlefield. There are sheet masks, clay masks, under-eye masks, sleep masks and more to choose from – and that’s before you even delve into their respective claims.

With a little bit of guidance, it is possible to sort through the noise and find a face mask that works. Ahead, the best face mask for every skin type. Your skin won’t know what hit it.

Modeling Masks

Also known as rubber masks, the two-step treatment starts as a thick gel and transforms into a rubber mask that conforms to the shape of your face and locks in beneficial actives. The benefit of having a heavy layer of mask on your face is that it delivers whatever treatment— anti-aging, detoxifying, collagen and mostly importantly, hydration—in a form that presses itself onto your skin so the treatment can penetrate without evaporating. So your skin basically has no choice but to absorb it.
Try: Aceology Anti-Aging Gold Modeling MaskRose Petal Modeling Mask or Detoxifying Modeling Mask

Try: Multi-Masking

Combination skin has more than one concern. Usually, the t-zone will be oily and the outer-edges could be sensitive, acne-prone or dry. In this situation, two masks are better than one. Paint a clay mask on to the t-zone and try a soothing treatment mask on the rest of the face.  

Try: A mask with beta hydroxy acid (BHA)

While it may be tempting to dry out acne-prone skin (and dry-out blemishes in the process), avoid over-stripping the skin as it can lead to more oil and more pimples. Look for masks with antibacterial tea tree oil or pore-clearing BHA.
Try: Rose Petal Modeling Mask

Try: Hydrogel Mask/a mask with rose 

Hydrogel masks has an instant cooling effect, locks in moisture and allows skin to absorb more serum than it would normally. Opt for a mask that contains skin-soothing rose extract or hyaluronic acid.
Try: Aceology Frosé Infusion Gel Mask

Try: Anything with AHAs

Anti-wrinkle ingredient AHA is a chemical exfoliant that gently dissolves dead cells on the skin’s surface. It also encourages cells to reboot and renew, creating a more youthful complexion. AHA can be found in a number of products, including sheet masks, modeling masks and sleep masks.
Try: Aceology Anti-Aging Gold Modeling Mask 

Try: Masks with Charcoal or Green Tea

Activated charcoal is natures impurity magnet, drawing bacteria, chemicals, grime and other toxins to the surface of your skin and lifting it all away. And green tea gently detoxifies and energizes the skin while helping to restore its protective barrier and fight free radicals.
Try: Aceology Detoxifying Modeling Mask or Aceology Green T. Infusion Gel Mask

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