February 15, 2021

We LOVE our Original Ice Globe Facial Massagers and here’s why!

Long gone are the days of putting spoons in the freezer or using cucumber slices to de puff your eye bags! 

Introducing our Original Ice Globe Facial Massagers!

Our Original Ice Globe Facial Massagers are an extra step you can add to your daily skin routine to ensure you keep those puffy and dark circles away without having to raid your kitchen draw for spoons.


Who knew we needed such a tool?

The Original Ice Globe Facial Massagers are SUPER simple to use, just a few minutes each morning will make the biggest difference.

 Did you know? 

The cooling element of the Original Ice Globe Facial Massagers encourage better blood circulation and oxygenates the skin helping to remove under-eye puffiness, darkness, redness and pigmentation.


Reducing under eye bags is not the only benefit of these Ice Globe Facial Massagers. Bit of a stress head? Have a loud partner? Or just suffer from headaches and tension in general?

All in all...

Well, our Original Ice Globe Facial Massagers are the perfect way to wind down and destress. A cold compress will help soothe headaches, muscle tension and can even help relieve sinus pain.

Nothing better than having this handy little tool waiting in your fridge for when you need it.

All in all, from reducing puffiness under your eyes and accelerating product absorption, to eliminating headaches... There really isn’t a reason you wouldn't want to have these handy little tools in your fridge! 

The Ice Globe Facial Massagers come in blue, pink, lilac and unicorn pink, so there's a colour for everyone! Shop now to add a relaxing step to your skincare routine.


Written By Jessie Wynter