January 11, 2021


Here comes the Energiser Bunny...

Yes mam, January is going to give our Aries friends a lot of energy for a very eventful month. New Year's resolutions? No problems!! With increased willpower, you will endeavour to achieve all of our goals for the month of January. Just be mindful of your treatment of others. Whilst it is amazing that you are focusing your energy on self-growth and expanding your capacity for new information, make sure that you are spending time with your loved ones and are making meaningful connections with your colleagues, otherwise these relationships could turn upside down. A tip from us, make sure you invest your energy in other facets of life, like exercise or reading and your friends. 


Pursuit of happiness...

January is going to be the integral stepping stone for your 2021 journey towards happiness. And how may you boost those saucy serotonin levels ? Get creative !! Your creative mind is going to flourish in January. Start a new project, take up knitting or maybe attend pottery classes, think outside the box for a business adventure. Speaking of business, Tauruses will start focusing on their financial situation and finding stability in their finances. Although you may be feeling inspired and driven, be mindful of stubbornness that can cause conflicts between colleagues and loved ones!! Listen to your intuition and strengthen your relationships... January is a time for growth.


This year is really about, like the year of realising stuff...

In the words of the great Kylie Jenner, January for the Gemini's will be the month of realising that some things just do not suit you and the things that do, you will begin to appreciate them more! 2020 for Gemini's was a year clouded in emotional coldness within partnerships and relationships and this mood may start to trickle into the New Year! But don't be disheartened. Gemini's in January will get a unique opportunity to look at their relationships from a distance- to allow a more rational approach at understanding their relationships. This new attitude will allow you to become more open and accepting of new people in your life and more critical of the people that radiate toxic energy.


You've got me feeling emotions...

To our sensitive cancers, the new year will bring you some stress in the month of January! You are naturally attentive and listen to those around you carefully. Usually this can be an advantage when it comes to personal relationships, but in the professional scene, you might feel pressure due to new work goals. But don't fret, you are a creative creature and you will use your creativity and imagination to restore your inner balance in times of stress. January will bring Cancers some emotional challenges in the form of a relationship break up or a problems at work. Even in times of hardships, remember that things are not working against you but for you, these challenges will open doors and create new opportunities and you will find yourself walking along the right path in 2021.


A time of rebirth...

January for Leo's is all about development, renewal and opportunity. Leo's will be offered interesting work opportunities that will be snapped up instantly. A challenge loving and hard working bunch, Leo's will find their work life flourishing. However, do not let your dominant behaviour and the pressure of work make you neglect those who you hold dear. They also deserve your attention. Also, the full moon will be your driving force in January, harness it like our favourite Mako Mermaids becauseyou've got that special power, that you're not afraid to use.


Eat, sleep, meditate, repeat...

January for our vivacious Virgo's will be a bit of a turbulent one. Your emotions will be greatly influenced by Saturn. If you are feeling down, turn your energy towards self-development. Stick to your resolutions because the feeling of success will have you back on your feet in no time! Don't be scared of feeling melancholy or isolated, this feeling will push you to self-reflect and restore your inner balance. It's the New Year Virgo's and let's make it a good one - mediation and movement are just exactly what you need.


Turn and face the strange...

For you all you Libra loving David Bowie fans out there, January is all about change. Experiencing change can be a very emotional period and in the first month of the year you will take your emotions very seriously. It is important to control your emotions during this time and be empathetic to prevent conflicts. It will be hard to avoid being hypersensitive. You will question every situation and will become overwhelmed if something doesn't go to plan. It is January's job to intensify your emotions to make you reflect on your choices and just life in general- hence creating change. The only thing that is stopping you from change, is you. Let's take some advice from the great Star Man; Time may change me. But I can't trace time - FACT!


What the shmood? Scorpios!

Good news, you are going to be in positive mood at the beginning of the year. You are going to be the picture of calm, it would be very hard to upset you during the month of January. But, don't get get too complacent in this tranquility. At the beginning of the year, you may feel like that you don't fit into any collective. You might begin to feel alienated and misunderstood. However, do not fear, socialising is near. January will be the perfect opportunity for you to work on yourself and your value systems. By doing this, you will attract like-minded individuals that will be more beneficial to your happiness than those who may have become distant during the period of January.


Stop, look, listen, think...

From the beginning of January, our Sagittarius' will behave very impulsively and will often act before thinking. This attitude could cause some issues in your day to day life, as you may say something that could hurt those around you, without even realising it at that moment. And hello miss moody - January will be the time where your moods will tend to fluctuate. One day you may feel on top of the world and then next minute you will feel like you have just hit rock bottom. Mediation will be your saving grace to help you smoothly sail through the month of January.


Stop and smell the roses...

There will be no need for our classy Capricorn's to rush during the month of January. You will find serenity in slowing down. January will push you to engage in calm activities like reading and going for walks. This will be the perfect time where you can collect and consolidate your thoughts to prepare for the pressure of work in the future. This attitude of taking time for yourself will be one of your greatest strengths were you can come to terms with want you want to achieve in 2021. But be aware of a sudden desire to take charge of others around you (especially within the workforce). You may have discovered the goals you want to achieve, like a promotion or a salary increase, but remember your success itself will lie in teamwork.


Under the Saturn sun...

In the first month of the year, Saturn will have the most influence on Aquarians. Saturn will provide you with perseverance to complete your New Year's resolutions and will keep you reliable in keeping promises, you will be the most trustworthy person around - be proud! Even though Saturn can influence amazing self-development, it can also bring about obstinacy and conservatism (oh no!). But don't worry, you constantly surround yourself with open minded people and they will be there to help you make any major decisions. January for Aquarians will be an extremely productive period, but this could take a large toll on your mental health. The most important thing you need to do is take care of yourself, this will work wonders for your efficiency.


Intuition and imagination- what more could you ask for?

The beginning of the year for Pisces will be a wonderful time. Thanks to Jupiter, Pisces will be all about their imagination. Whether it be fashion, your career goals or moving into a artistic venture, Pisces will find that they will always be inventing something new. However, due to a plethora of ideas that are circulating and taking up your time, you will tend to forget your loved ones and this could have a large impact on the longevity of your relationships.  Don't forget to include your loved ones in your activities- the more the merrier. Pisces are very intuitive and January will just intensify this intuition. You will finally uncover exactly what you from life and will take the appropriate steps to transform your life for the better- the possibilities are endless.