December 29, 2020

A new year is all about the two P’s, promise and potential - everywhere you look there are new leaves just waiting to be turned over. However, January can also be bittersweet, when the reality of heading back to the office sets in and the joy of sleep-ins and never ending leftovers becomes a distant memory. So, we’re here to make the transition easier with the ultimate checklist.


Keep your 9-5 Organised 

Juggling a lot? We feel you. A good diary will be the business buddy you come to depend on. It will help you keep on top of all those meetings Karen from Marketing keeps scheduling and ensure you never forget yourboss’ birthday (yay, brownie points!) We love An Organised Life, Canvast Co and CG London.

Be Your Own Goalkeeper

When it comes to setting goals for yourself the key is to keep things realistic. Whilst we’d all appreciate having Kendall’s legs or Jeff Bezos’ bank account let’s make our resolutions a little more attainable by committing to learning something new. It could be something fun like learning an everyday make up look you can do in under 10 minutes or more work orientated like becoming an “I’m basically a graphic designer, Canva pro.”

Perfect your Meal Prep

Having a week's worth of lunches in the fridge ready to go is a sure-fire way to make you feel like you’ve got your life in order. Make meal prep a Sunday evening ritual, your bank balance will thank you for it and you’ll avoid the not-so good for you temptations that are just a click away via your favourite meal delivery app.

Curate an Effortless Wardrobe

Take a page out of the French girl’s playbook with a minimalist capsule wardrobe to save yourself the drama of an “I have nothing to wear” meltdown. It’s about keeping good quality items on high rotation, knowing what shapes and styles work best for you, and being ruthless when it comes to frequent wardrobe clean outs. And if you can find that perfect blazer, LBD or tailored pant that works just as well out of office hours than you’ll earn yourself “je nais se quois” status in no time. 


Get your Skincare Routine Down Pat

Rock up to work glowing! Spend a couple extra minutes pampering your skin at night time and in the morning to achieve an effortless, healthy look. We recommend using our at home hydra-dermabrasion device along with our vitamin C & niacinamide brightening solution to resurface and freshen up tired skin.