September 20, 2020

We love to love these five accounts and religiously double-tap every single one of their posts.



If we could steal anyone's wardrobe in the whole world, we’d choose Elle Ferguson. Her enviable style is effortlessly cool and makes us want to up our #ootd game in a big way. She exudes endless Summer vibes, which has morphed into the quintessential ‘Elle Effect’ we all know and love.


Jasmine has such a recognisable aesthetic we can spot her dreamy, pink snaps from a mile away. She has the sort of Pinterest-worthy home, which looks as though it has sprung directly from the pages of Real living and TBH we’re sure it’s popped up their at least twice.


If there was an award for the number one Married At First Sight fan, we’d definitely be in the running. Martha K is our all-time favourite contestant (remember that red wine moment? #ICONIC) and we love following her IRL love story with her BF Michael Brunelli. She always shares the inside scoop on the best beauty buys, she loves a good masking moment and keeps it super real in the greatest way possible.


Let’s face it, 2020 has dealt us a 1-2 punch in the worst news ever department. To say it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies is the understatement of the century. So, the @goodnews_movement is the breathe of fresh air we all need. Their mission is to spread the warm fuzzies with stories of kind hearted humans from all corners of the globe being incredibly good to each other. After about 35 seconds of scrolling, you’ll have to use the old, “is someone cutting onions?” line. Prepare for loads of happy tears.


Sure, the past six months have been unprecedented/weird as hell but just think how strange it has been for our pets. That’s what @dogsworkingfromhome really captures. It’s all about the life of our doggos in the Covid-19 era. They’re the unsung heroes of our zoom calls and the pawfect colleagues when you feel like a time out. You can just imagine these little cuties tilting their heads as they wonder, “why u home, hooman?”