September 01, 2020

We’re officially calling them Ace...


Yes, really to paraphrase M.Priestly from Devil Wears Prada, florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, BUT they are a mainstay for a reason.

This Spring it’s all about 60s/70s inspired floral dresses think absolutely anything Zimmermann for the spend-y take on this look and hit up your sartorial-ly gifted mama’s closest for the incredibly save-y version.

The Puff Sleeve

The puff sleeve is the type of unicorn trend that is flattering on absolutely everyone because adding DRAMA to your shoulder draws the eye up and makes your waist appear a lot smaller.

It’s an easy way to add some WOW to a simple look and in our humble opinion we think a go big or go home philosophy is the right way to go.

The It Bra

If you threw the C-word out the window, 2020 could also be described as the year of staying-in so it’s no surprise that the lounge-ready It bra is having a major moment.

Ever since that Katie Holmes & Khaite Cashmere Bralette/Cardigan combo went viral we’ve been onboard, after all it makes hanging out at home feel a lot more luxurious.

Big Bags

Itty bitty bags that don’t have space for our ginormous phones had their moment - it was glori-ous - but this season its all about style and substance.

The big bag trend means you can tote around everything bar the kitchen sink, which is music to our like to be prepared for any scenario ears.