September 28, 2020

3 Seriously ACE podcasts you need to listen to ASAP.

We binge these three podcasts on the reg and know you’ll L-O-V-E them as much as we do.

Beauty IQ Uncensored, Adore Beauty.

When it comes to all things skincare, Adore Beauty have excellent taste (they are a major Aceology stockist after all #caseclosed)

Their podcast, Beauty IQ Uncensored, with hosts Joanna and Hannah provide a healthy dose of education and LOLs with a no holds barred look into the weird and wonderful world of beauty - from retinol to bum hair - nothing is off-limits. Warning: be prepared to *add to cart* they offer fantastic need it, gotta have it recos every episode.

Quizzish, Mamamia Podcasts.

Have you ever played Trivia at your local pub and thought to yourself: “why are there so many questions about sport?” Than you need Quizzish in your life.

Hosted by Kelly McCarren, Quizzish is Mamamia’s weekly trivia podcast where an iconic duo like MAFS lovebirds, Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant go head to head to see who wins enteral bragging rights as the Quizzish champion of the week.

The Joe Rogan Experience, Spotify.

We know recommending The Joe Rogan Experience is a bit like suggesting Harry Potter when someone asks for a really good book to read… this show is crazy popular. In fact, Rogan has recently signed an exclusive $100 million deal with Spotify - and in our book he’s worth every penny.

Rogan interviews a range of guests from all walks of life including musicians, actors, comedians, scientists & historians. Some of our recent favourite episodes have been #1470 with Elon Musk, #1480 with Kevin Hart, #1531 with Miley Cyrus and #1522 with Rob Lowe.